Our Forever Warranty is just that... a warranty forever!  We take so much pride in our work and products that we are willing to back them longer that anyone else in the industry.  The standard 1 year warranty covers all of our products, just like you'd expect from any retailer.  But what happens after that one year is up?  If you've been down this road before (like I have), then you know you pretty much get no help, no support, no exchange, no nothing except for maybe an "I'm sorry".  Its very frustrating to spend your money on a product only to have it fail shortly after the warranty period expires.  

Because of the headache, frustration, and expense associated to replacing anything outside of a warranty, we decided to offer a solution to all of our customers that want life long support from a company who truly cares about their customers!




Forever Warranty covers a single product and is attached to the serial number of that product.  If you purchase more than one item, you get to select which item you want the Forever Warranty to cover.... or, you can purchase option 2.


Option 1 - This option covers ONE item and can be purchased up to 30 days after the original purchase date.


Option 2 - This option covers ALL of the products in your shopping cart and MUST be purchased AT THE SAME TIME as all of your items. If you purchase 4 Remote Start Kits this is by far the cheapest way to get everything covered under the Forever Warranty.  All products will be assigned  their own Forever Warranty policy.

Forever Warranty

$120.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price