Silver Series LED Turn Signal

Fits: 2015 - 2018 F-150


F-150 Silver Series LED Turn Signal

  • Specifications:

    Sold in Pairs (2)

    Colors: Amber/Amber, White/Amber Switchback

    780 Lumen

    Includes (2) 12ohm 50W Load Resistors


    Sivler Serries bulbs feature solid alloy body wich is heat-resistant and anti-corrosive along with Alloy Aluminum Circuit board for better heat resistance and thermal diffusion. These bulbs are incredibly bright! These bulbs utilize 21 individual "2835" SMD LED chips.


    When you install LED bulbs to replace your factory blinkers/turn signal  bulbs chances are you will experience a "hyperflash" inside the cabin/instrument panel as an indicator. This means the vehicle computer will think you have a burnt out bulb beacus LED bulbs run a lower voltage than halogen bulbs. By installing the included resistors, you will trick your vehicle's computer into thinking it has a good bulb installed and will blink normally. Install the resistor between the blinking positive wire and the ground wire. (In most applications it's the ouside wire in the socket. Example: If socket has 3 wires, tap the outside 2 wires, not the middle wire).


    WARNING! Resistors do get hot! Make sure to mount the resistor to something metal behind the headlight/brake lights with self tapping screws. Do not use zip/cable ties. Resistors can melt other wiring that comes in contact with them. ​