Add  Factory LED Headlights To Your Truck

Did you purchase a 2015-2019 F-150 or 2017- 2019 Super Duty with the halogen base headlights and wish you purchased the model with the LED headlights? Well here is your chance to convert your halogen headlights to factory OEM LED headlights using genuine Ford parts.

The Headlight's Your Truck Should Have Came With!!!


Price on Request for F-150 &  Super Duty

Includes all Parts & Labor

Housings will be genuine Ford OEM parts


  • Q – “If I upgrade from halogen to LED will I see a difference in light output?”

  • A – Yes. Halogen light is Yellowed while the LED provide a cleaner brighter white light therefore offering more light output.


  • Q – “Do you just replace the bulbs or the entire headlight?”

  • A – The entire Halogen headlight assembly is removed and replaced with Factory OEM LED headlight assembly on both passenger and driver's side.